Bannaker Lodge #3, PHA

Brian Walker

Worshipful Master


1002 Laney Walker Blvd., Augusta, Georgia 30901


Third box down, middle column, is an important letter from the staff of Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center.


I give honor to the Grand Architect of the Universe, the Beneficent, the Merciful, to Whom all praises are due. It is with pleasure that I serve you in the capacity of Worshipful Master of this historic Bannaker Lodge No. 3. Working together in peace and harmony, we will make great progress to achieve our universal tenants of Freemasonry: Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth. Let us continue to spread the cement of brotherly love and affection, that cement which unites us into one sacred band or society of brothers.

2019 represents a renewed spirit, a renewed mind, and a renewed lodge by improving ourselves through the theme of “Let You Light So Shine.” Our labors in the quarries will focus on four initiatives, which are: Social Responsibility, Masonic Education, Brotherhood, and Charity.  Exhibiting our efforts through the theme and initiatives, Bannaker Lodge No. 3 will surely uphold “The Standard” and be the beacon of light for others to follow.

I look forward to a wonderful year! Let us meet on the level, act by the line of the plumb, and part on the square as we prepare ourselves to be great and be the lodge that God has called us to be.

In Service,

Brian Walker, Worshipful Master



Communication – Reaching out to our Brothers, Sisters, Widows, and Orphans to build and rebuild personal relationships…getting to know one another.

Education – Learn and teach the basic principles of masonry ensuring an accurate understanding is received and applied.

Re-Dedication – Reinvest into the Lodge. Attend meetings, study clubs, community service, fundraisers, programs, fellowships, visits, etc. of home and others.


Revitalizing Our Communities Through:

Our presence – Attending community events, meetings, churches, parades, etc. Walking the area introducing ourselves and inviting out to our functions at the Lodge.

Being a voice – Speaking to and on behalf of the members of the community. Using our platforms and status to reach areas and levels they normally wouldn’t be able to.

Mentoring – Inform them of our mentoring groups and invite them and their kids out.

Educating – Use our various levels of education and experience to give knowledge and skills to increase educational status and job opportunities. Also educate on laws, rights, privileges, etc. to give understanding of who they are and what powers they have.

Supporting – Lending ourselves financially, physically, mentally, and spiritually to aid and assist all deserving who may need our support.

Providing – Create and offer opportunities to those who have missed out due to bad decisions, lack of education, and/or just by being born the way they were and growing up in the means they have.

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Bannaker3 Lodge is doing their Annual Calendar fundraiser. Proceeds from the Fundraiser benefits our Widows and Orphans, Scholarship Aid and Assistance Programs for Schools, Building Enhancements projects to benefit our Gold Card and Lifetime members, Charities and Mentoring programs sponsored by Bannaker Lodge, Prince Hall Masons. Price of Calendars are $10 each or 3 for $25. Items may be purchased HERE,  [View The Calandar Covers]


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Meeting Schedule

2nd Monday    @ 8:00 PM

4th Monday     @ 8:00 PM

Study, Sunday @ 3:00 PM